Mission Statement

What is Support Kids Japan (SKJ) ?

NPO Support Kids Japan was born out of a need to teach basic Japanese language as an important communication tool to children being settled here without opportunities to learn Japanese language before coming to Japan.
SKJ opened our doors as an NPO on 3rd December 2012 with an overwhelming response and need from the community. SKJ is supporting such children to be young member of community promptly through our teaching method based on correct and practical Japanese language program. Emphasis is placed on a positive, singlehanded and caring environment that encourages children to reach their full potential. We believe that every child is a flower waiting to blossom, and we will ensure that their seeds of greatness are realized.
SKJ is supported by members and volunteers who teach and support such children with the SKJ’s spirit.

SKJ’s Activities

・Teaching basic Japanese language
We support children to learn Japanese language to start life in Japan for any age or any background. We support basically on person to person basis by basic and correct Japanese language.
・Teaching necessary subjects of school in Japanese language
In order to start and stay in local elementary school or junior high school, we support children in elementary school or junior high school to understand and catch up their school subjects.
Especially we support ‘Shakaika’ (History, Geography, Economics and Politics) or ‘Rika’ (Science) which are requested to have basic Japanese language ability to study.
・Preparing for Entrance Examination
To prepare for entrance examination of High school or University, we support each child necessary study for such examination.
・English and English conversation
In order to prepare for going abroad or to communicate well, we support English or English conversation according to individual level

Access to SKJ

Address: 2-20-5 Numabukuro, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 10 minutes’ walk from Numabukuro Station of Seibu Shinjuku Line

Mail : tabunka-jiritsu@circus.ocn.ne.jp

Tel/Fax: 03-5318-9876

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